Tips For Safe Night Driving On Highways

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There are two kinds of drivers out there – one set prefers driving when the sun is up and the other comes out only when the sun has well & truly retired for the day. While it does indeed involve a greater quotient of risk, following a few tips on safe night driving on highways should make things easier if you belong to the latter club.

Tips for safe night driving on highways
Tips for safe night driving on highways

Let’s start with the vehicle being driven. The lights are the most important accessory when driving in the night. This is as true for hatchbacks as it is for larger SUV’s. So make sure that each and every light element, from the headlights and the driving lamps, the tail-lamps and the stop-lamps – everything must be in proper working order.

The above holds true in the case of the brakes and for India, the horn as well. Good brakes can often mean the difference in a situation where the oncoming vehicle’s overtaking manoeuvre has gone bad, for example. The horn too can be used as a deterrent for those who tend to ignore the flashing headlights. The general guideline for tips on safe night driving on highways is that the vehicle being used must be maintained to a higher level of reliability than one that is used to drive along during daytime.

The single major cause for road accidents in the night is driver fatigue. A well-rested driver not only drives safer but also arrives at the destination reasonably fresher. Pulling a double-shift on the eve of a long-weekend trip is not the right way to get that employee of the month award and neither is it the best way to get behind the wheel.

Tempting as it may, a heavy meal will only make one drowsy. So keep those biryanis and other delicacies for when you have reached your destination. Best to stick to light meals on the trip if you are driving.

When in doubt, give way to the vehicle on the other side. There’s no room for bravery displays when driving in the night. Keep those adventurous overtaking manoeuvres for when the light comes out. The thumb rule is that if you can’t see, don’t go.

Lastly, in India, the rules are usually dispensed with on the road. So hatchbacks or SUVs if you are behind the wheel then keep the safety-first rule in mind at all times when you drive.

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