Tips For Driving Safe After Dark

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For the starters, if you get a chance, go for daytime driving in place of night driving. There is no second opinion to the fact that day time driving is way safer than night especially in India. Even biologically, your day wouldn’t be of much use after spending a stressful night in driving. Nevertheless, if there isn’t an option, try to follow below given tips for night driving:

Tips for driving safe after dark
Tips for driving safe after dark
  • Visibility is very poor at night and however bright your lights may be they can never compete with Sunlight. Therefore, before you start always give a thorough check up to all exterior lights. The range of these lights includes front, rear, fog lamps, high beams, and brake lights. Also ensure that the headlights and windows are clean from both inside and outside. Dirty windscreen and windows might add up glare and impair vision, making things difficult. The same goes for dirty headlights; it may reduce your speed and extend your drive time by hours.

  • In foggy season, try to avoid high beams as much as possible. It will reduce your ability to see roads and might impair vision of other drivers temporarily.

  • Also, try to avoid flashing beams over other vehicles that are flashing their own high beams – it can impair visibility of the drivers on opposite side and other passing by. One of the safest night time driving tip to avoid accidents.

  • Try not to use your car’s interior lights while on road at night, in case you need to pull over your vehicle to a side and then go ahead with whatever you want.

  • Always be alert and keep an eye over your rear view mirror especially when you are driving cars in India. Also, watch out for light flashes over hill tops, road bends, and intersections. It may help in noticing other cars over same route.

  • Always maintain a larger crash avoidance space, it will help in spotting potential hazards and will give you’re a little more time to respond to any kinds of threats around you.

  • Night time driving asks for lot more focus and concentration, it can be very tiring. To keep away fatigue, make sure you take breaks frequently that can give you better chance to recover.

  • Never eat heavy dinner before starting for night trips. Higher carbs content always make you sleepy and more prone to accidents.

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