Tips For Car Maintenance In Summers

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High temperatures may be harsh on vehicles. Most of the materials used in cars have comparatively low resistance to heat. Therefore, as its owner, you must take some tips for car maintenance and apply them to keep troubles and damages at bay.

Tips for car maintenance in summers
Tips for car maintenance in summers
  • Regular Check Up - Excessive temperatures destroy car batteries and bear negative impact over car’s cooling system. Therefore, as the first car care tip for summers we recommend a regular check-up of components. It will help in keeping uninvited breakdowns and other problems away.

  • Special Care To Batteries – Overcharging and heating are two common reasons behind battery’s short life. Battery fluid evaporates more swiftly in summers; if unchecked, it may damage its internal structure. To ensure your battery‘s long life, keep its electrical system clean & updated and keep an eye on its charging rate. If it is a topped off-kind of car battery, always keep extra containers of distilled water in your car to avoid problem.

  • Keep Cooling System Updated – Other than battery, it is the cooling system that works pretty hard to avoid overheating of the power mill. To maintain its efficiency, always keep the mixing ratio of distilled water and coolant as 50:50. One of the most important car care tip from our side- coolant must be changed on a yearly basis. Also some important tests such as pressure tests, cooling fan test, thermostat test, etc, should be done on a regular basis.

  • Do Not Forget The Tires - Note this as the most important car care tip for summers, high temperatures are known for developing extra pressure on rubber bodies which leads to frequent deflations and bursting of tires. Therefore, check your tires inflation pressure and health on a weekly basis.

In short, summers are times to travel, to move around and explore the beauty of the world around you. But all this can be done only when your car is in sound state. Most importantly, the time and money spent on taking and applying car care tips is always less then that spent on repairing irreparable damages and dents.

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