Tips For Buying Used Car In India

May 21, 2015 18:30 IST by in Tips And Advice.

Here are a few interesting tips that promise to simplify used car buying process and turn it into a beneficial deal:

Tips for buying used car in india
Tips for buying used car in india
  • Budget - It is the first thing to be considered before making any purchase. Do some research and see which cars fall best in your budget. At times, quoted price might exceed your budget by a few thousands but don’t reject the option unless you are done with negotiations. In case, you are planning for EMI option, gather information about them through online as well as physical resources and then apply accordingly.

  • Requirement – It is mandatory to know which type of car would meet your purpose. Single person can always go for small cars that yield better mileage and have lower maintenance costs. If you are an adventure freak, then go for compact SUV that will be suitable for both urban riding and off-roading. Family people may go for sedans, MUVs, or hatchbacks depending on their budgets.

  • Fuel­-Efficiency – Fluctuating prices are no new thing for Indians, but those going for first time car purchase must know about this. With respect to used cars in India, it is a must to check their fuel-efficiency before you make final decision. Most of the used cars are sold when their fuel efficiency decreases by a considerable level. Beware of this fact, and always assume that the car that you are buying will give lower mileage than quoted over net.

  • Selecting Used Car Seller – It is one of the most commonly discussed topic in all used car buying tips guides. For your information, there are a number of online portals that are into this business. Apart from that, these days car manufacturers too are opening used car buying and selling wings from where you may choose your car along with other services from the manufacturer.

  • Points To Remember – It is one of the most important used car buying tip, always check the past details of the car before finalizing your purchase. The most important points to remember for this purpose include distance travelled, number of ownerships the car has faced, all original car documents, car’s age, etc.

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