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        Things To Do When Car Engine Overheats

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        A car needs to be maintained properly in every season. You need to tune up the vehicle, according to the changing weather conditions for consistent and powerful performance. The problem of car engine heating up causes a lot of inconvenience. This issue arises frequently during hot weather. These car tips will help to prevent any damages to the engine due to overheating.

        Car engine overheats
        Car engine overheats

        Following are the things to do when car engine overheats:-

        1. This is a common problem associated with used cars. The first step would be to pull over your vehicle to a safe spot and turn off the engine quickly. Let the engine cool off and do not open the radiator cap. Do not pour water on the engine until it is completely cooled off.

        1. If you see any notification of car engine overheating, turn off your air conditioner as soon as possible. Make sure to roll down the windows too, and you will notice a drop in overheating. You can transfer heat away from the engine by putting the heater on maximum level.

        1. It can be encountered when you are stuck in traffic. It is advisable to keep your vehicle in neutral and park it at a safe place. You can try to revive the engine, which is expected to speed up the fan and water pump. When stuck in traffic, avoid excessive use of brakes, as it tends to increase the pressure on your car engine. This car advice will speed up the cooling process.

        1. The failure of cooling system might be due to any kind of leakage. There is a possibility of car’s temperature gauge being broken which needs immediate replacement. Taking appropriate measures will eradicate any major problem. Periodic monitoring of cooling system will drastically reduce the chances of an engine getting overheated.

        Take note of the above mentioned car tips and enhance the life of your car. Now, you know what to do when car engine overheats. You will be in a better position to tackle this tricky situation in an effective manner. This fosters better driving experience and cutting down on unplanned repair costs.