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      Safety Tips While Driving In Hilly Areas

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Driving in hilly regions might not be that tricky and difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is get acquainted with the conditions there and take a few precautions while driving in hilly areas. While the former is a matter of perception, this write-up helps in figuring out the later one. Here are some road safety tips for hilly regions that can help in making your trip an adventurous one.

      Driving in hilly area
      Driving in hilly area
      1. Always Start Early: There are mainly two reasons behind why we are suggesting this car driving tip for hilly regions. One, early mornings are exceptionally beautiful and calming in hilly regions. And second, night time driving is the most dreadful idea because of narrow uneven roads and foggy atmosphere. The strong beams of light emitting from vehicles will not allow you to see the pedestrians and cyclists on that path after sunset. Therefore, always try to start your trips early over such paths.

      2. Keeping Things Bright: If you are driving in night time you will be required to be extra careful about keeping your car lighted. The purpose of this futile exercise will be more about being seen by others than noticing others. Many a times, animal-drawn carts and tractor trailers use hilly paths and therefore, it is necessary to let them know about your presence to avoid collision and loss of lives. During daytime, you may never to worry about any such thing.

      3. Excel The Gear Shifting Art: Whenever you are descending from the hill, try to stay away from the brakes as much as possible and keep your vehicle in lower gear most of the times. If you hit brakes multiple times the chances are they will get locked and your vehicle will crash. The best way to avoid this situation is to keep your vehicle in lower gear. Follow this rule even while ascending the hill or entering a curvy path.

      4. Keep Your Fuel Tank Full: In most of the hilly regions of India, the petrol pumps get closed by 7pm in evening. So, the best precaution to be taken for driving in hilly regions is to keep an eye over the fuel gauge and also keep some extra fuel in the car in case of emergencies.

      5. Rains Might Not Always Be Romantic: Yes, it seems quite romantic with rains especially when you are with friends and family. But the reality is quite different and little carelessness might land you in big problems. Visibility becomes biggest issue in first hand closely followed by extremely slow speed, foggy roads, and muddy terrains. The best way to cope up is to keep your vehicle well tuned and drive as slow as possible to avoid forth mentioned problems. 

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