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      Safe Holiday Driving Tips With Kids

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Driving long miles in a car could be very exhausting, especially when you are with kids. It’s quite a challenging task. But, some car driving tips can help you enjoy your holiday trip and ensure a safe journey with your kids.

      Safe holiday driving tips with kids
      Safe holiday driving tips with kids

      Below given are a few car safety tips for kids -

      Seat belt safety: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recommends that all the kids need to be buckled up properly and sit in the back seat. Use a restraining infant safety seat for newborn or babies less than a year old. These seats are especially designed to protect kids from injury and accidents during collisions. Make sure everyone in the car is using seat restraints. Children shouldn’t be allowed to use standard seat belts in rear or front seats unless the belts fit them properly across the thigh and the chest or they are big enough to use a booster.

      Staying alert and driving safely: Whether you are driving with kids or alone, it’s important to be alert, fresh and aware of road traffic. It is recommended for everyone to take a nap of around 7-9 hours before driving. Passenger can talk to the driver to keep him/ her awake and prevent drowsiness.  If you are feeling fatigue, then it’s better to postpone your schedule or take rest at regular intervals.

      Reduce distractions by keeping the kids entertained: Always pack toys, video games and comic books to entertain and keep the children busy during a long holiday trip. Make sure that the route has plenty of food stops and bathrooms as kids frequently need these. If the backseat is happy, you are more likely to concentrate on road.

      Prevent motion sickness: If your kid has a car sickness, consult to a pediatrician for possible medication that you can bring along on the trip. Certain driving habits like driving at moderate speed, pulling down a window and offering light snacks to kids can also help with the motion sickness.

      Miscellaneous safe driving tips:

      • Before leaving the home, make sure that kids’ car seat is secured properly. As nearly 70% of car seats are installed incorrectly.

      • Make sure that kids get enough sleep a night before.

      • Plan and pack strategically. You can schedule departure time around the kid’s sleeping time so that they can get some quality sleep on the go and cause no or less disturbance.

      • Take plenty of water, a flashlight and a first aid kit.

      • Ensure your road assistance plan.

      • Don’t drive more than 2-3 hours in one stretch. Take breaks at regular intervals.

      • Charge your phone before hitting the road.

      • Carry a phone charger for an emergency.

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