Must Have Features In Your Car

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Whether it’s a new car or a used one, there are certain features that make it practical, safe and reliable. With proactive customer feedback, more engineers and technological advancement, car manufacturers, today, offer their cars with new technologies and features.  However, it could be confusing for buyers who are going to buy a car. Like, what features they should look for? Which feature is more useful or relevant? Here we bring you the list of top 5 must have features in your car.

Must have features in your car
Must have features in your car

Airbags: The lack of safety features combined with poor road conditions and careless driving behavior cause serious injuries during collisions. The front and side airbags, connected to crash sensors and on-board computer, trigger out during accidents or collisions, and reduce the risk of injuries. The front airbags protect the driver and co-passenger from striking against the dashboard, windshield or steering wheel. Although, airbags cost to the vehicle, car advice experts recommend that a vehicle must have front airbags at least.  

Anti-lock braking system (ABS): ABS is one of the most important automotive features that prevent wheels from locking-up and uncontrolled skidding under heavy braking. It also enables the driver to maintain the control over wheels forward roll and steering, and develop lateral control. In sudden braking situation, a car without ABS spins out of control that increases risk of fatal injuries.

Adjustable comfort: Most new vehicles come with adjustable steering rear and side view mirrors and seat height adjustment system. An adjustable steering wheel can be tuned towards or away from the driver. While, the seat height adjustment function provides comfortable driving position.

Parking sensors/ backup camera: Backup camera helps backing the vehicle in traffic zone from the parking space or a garage. The proximity sensor, embedded in at the rear end, senses an obstacle or parked vehicle and warns the driver. The sensors get activated automatically when you pull for the reverse gear, and emit and receive ultrasonic waves. These waves bounce back from obstacles or vehicles, and alert for their presence. Car advice experts recommend buying the cars that are integrated with parking sensors or backup camera.

Plugs and outlets: Most new cars have at least two or multiple 12V power plug-ins on centre console. It helps you charge your mobile phone, tablet or laptop on the go. In case of an emergency, you can charge your mobile and ask for help. You can plug-in iPods and MP3 players, and enjoy your favorite music, too.

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