Most Basic Car Care Tips

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It is easier to invest in a car than owning one. Weather new or old, it takes loads of hard work and sweat to maintain their health and keep up their good looks. The tenure of your old as well as new car can be extended by following some basic car care tips. A regular maintenance can definitely help in saving loads of money, energy, and time. Let’s check out a few important ones of them.

Most basic car care tips
Most basic car care tips
  1. Carful Driving – One of the most basic car care tip, never ever accelerate your mill while starting your vehicle. It is a direct short cut to engine breakdown and damage. As you begin your drive, accelerate the car slowly and then take it to full throttle once the engine has warmed up. Also, never forget to shift transmission to neutral gear over red lights, it will help engine in taking a break and extend the life of your engine by few years.

  2. Weekly Wash – Regular cleaning will help keeping corrosion & dirt accumulation at bay. If it is a new car, ensure its interiors also get cleaned just like outer covers. It is equally important for old cars as well especially when one intends to preserve it. For exteriors try using liquid washes while for interiors vacuums are a cleaner’s best friend.

  3.  Waxing Is Important –Regular waxing of your new car may help in maintaining its paint for a long time. It does so by slowing down oxidation and separating bird’s droppings & pollution from paint layer.

  4. Always Park In Shade – One of the most basic car maintenance tips, always park your car under some shade on hot & sunny days. UV rays can be villain for your car’s shine and paint.

  5. Oiling And Filtering – There are a number of auto guides that suggest large intervals between engine oil refilling program. However, results are more favorable if the frequency of oiling is increased and time intervals are shortened.

  6. Tyre Tales – Another basic car care tip, always keep an eye over tyres pressure especially during summers. Also, take care of uneven wear, if your tyres reflect uneven wearing despite regularly updated pressures, it might be time for its realignment. Wheel alignment, on the contrary, should be checked after every 50,000kms.

  7. Spark Plugs – Several auto experts’ advise old as well as new car owners to change spark plugs for every 50,000kms distance. It helps in maintaining a higher fuel efficiency and commendable performance of engine.

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