Monsoon Car Care Tips

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The monsoon brings a pleasant relief from the scorching heat to the people. But, this poses a lot of problems to car owners across the country. During the monsoon, the driver encounters difficulties in handling and manoeuvring of the vehicle. Lack of traction and low-visibility are the challenges faced by the driver. The moisture can hamper your car performance to a large extent. You need to take proper care of your vehicle to stay away from any trouble. Let us look at the essential monsoon car care tips:

Monsoon car care tips
Monsoon car care tips

Check the Tyres: It is crucial to check the condition of your car’s tyre for your safety. The worn out tyres are at risk of aquaplaning. In aquaplaning, the tyre fails to squeeze out the water between the road and itself. This leads to car sliding over a thin layer of water and it can cause an accident. In addition, maintain the right tyre-pressure recommended by manufacturer for better grip on the road. Make a habit of driving cautiously on wet roads and it is important that you note down these car safety tips for monsoon before you hit the road.

Safeguard car body: The rain water tend to have an adverse effect on the car’s paint and body. To prevent the paint from being damaged, it makes sense to use wax polish that forms a thin protective layer on the car's body. The water will slip right off due to this layer and paint will remain intact. Also, check for any kind of scratch in the paintwork and it should be treated as soon as possible. This helps to keep your car safe from rusting. Draping the vehicle body in a cover in a damp condition is not a good idea. Due to the moisture, the rusting sets quickly and deeper. Use rust removal powder to tackle this issue. Make sure to park your car at a place with the right ventilation to avoid rusting problem. Protecting the body is one of the key car safety measures during rainy season.

Foul odour: The air conditioning system can accumulate moisture and it start to emit a foul smell. This problem needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. There are disinfecting solutions available for cars in India, which can by sprayed to get rid of the foul odour. Spray this solution in the AC vents to remove the trapped foul smell in the unit.

If the windscreen wipers are in a bad shape, they need to be replaced with a new one. It can cause unwanted scratches and affects wiper effectiveness. These monsoon car care tips will be useful for proper maintenance and increase the life of your vehicle.

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