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      How To Safeguard Your Car Tyre From Instant Puncture?

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      We have a tendency to neglect and disregard some really important things, which later might become dangerous for our lives. Similar theory also applies to the people who drive automobiles, since they simply avoid even the most basic car maintenance tips. A large population of any country driving cars, bikes and commercial vehicles avoid some basic checks that end up affecting the performance of a vehicle.

      How to safeguard your car tyre from instant puncture
      How to safeguard your car tyre from instant puncture

      While driving a car, the automotive tyres play the most important role as it is the only point of contact between the car and the road. But, we take these strips of rubber or tyres for granted. Car tyres play a very important role in keeping the car in control. And as they say “Power is nothing without control”, so to keep the car in rein, safeguarding tyres is vital.

      During vehicle maintenance, we normally forget to go through the condition of tyres. Like other parts of the car, tyres need regular maintenance and repair to perform well. Owners need to keep a constant look at the depth of thread left on the tyre or tread area, which directly affect friction. Evenly important is the air pressure to maintain the stability of a car, which in return provides safety of passengers. Tyres that are under or over inflated will lead to an increase in rolling resistance, which will affect the fuel efficiency and drivability of a car.

      Car tyres are also sensitive to debris/waste on the tarmac, which are most likely penetrated through the tyres outer wall. This leads to a puncture, and the sudden puncture could be dangerous for owner and car's health. Due to debris, tyre loses internal air pressure and eventually turns flat. Besides general car care tips, it is advisable to drivers to avoid driving with flat tyres. Driving cars with flat tyres, which is a compromise on the safety of occupants and car, could crumble the stability of a car. This perfunctory will cause damages to important parts of the car including rims/alloys, bumper, etc.

      Most of us have seen a tyre puncture at a time when reaching at some place was so urgent. So, it is advisable to go through the tyre condition before leaving for any place.

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