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        How To Avoid A Road Rage

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        The first question which comes in your mind after reading this title is, what does road rage means. Road rage driving is an unsafe driving performed deliberately without having any regard for safety. It covers several acts having different levels of seriousness – assaulting other drivers or passengers to even cutting someone off. No matter the reason, road rage driving is a criminal act as well as a social crime. Recently, in Concord, a 23-year-old lady shot another 29-year-old pregnant lady. This is just one of those hundreds thousands of cases. This article aims to reduce this problem by providing safe driving tips and road rage safety tips.

        How to avoid a road rage
        How to avoid a road rage
        1. How to deal with following situations?

        • If you are moving in a wrong lane, then let others pass first and when the coast is clear, return to the correct lane.

        • Tailgating – Don’t get too close to a car. Many people find this very uncomfortable. Maintain proper distance from other cars. This helps in preventing road rage as well as road accidents.

        • Provocative gestures – Never shake your head for no reason or make obscene hand gestures. This may make other drivers angry. If someone else is doing such a thing, don’t retaliate. Just ignore them.

        • Honking horn – Don’t make it a habit of using your horn for no reason. Horn is not something to be played with. If a vehicle ahead of you is moving slower than you want, be patient and calm. Don’t start honking horn. This may start a new case of road rage.

        1. Aggressive drivers – how to deal with them.

                 If you encounter an aggressive driver, here are some safe driving tips that may prove helpful for you.

        • Don’t retaliate – You can prevent road rage driving by not playing with an aggressive driver’s anger. Do not engage in their behaviour.

        • If someone tries to pick up a fight, move to a clear region and wait for him/her to pass.

        • Do not get out of your vehicle. Never try to settle issues face to face.

        • If someone tries to get your attention by making rude gestures, it is better to ignore them.

        • Maintain your calm nature, no matter the situation. A smile on your face and a tune in your mind can prevent many road rage cases.