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        How To Apply Car Wax Polish?

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Applying a wax polish coating at the end of car wash is always beneficial car care tip that you will receive from every auto expert. The process not only increases the shiny luster of your car but also becomes a barrier against dust, pollution, and other corrosive elements that might damage your vehicle’s exteriors. Here a few simple steps that explain how to apply car wax correctly and easily:

        How to apply car wax polish
        How to apply car wax polish
        • Preparing The Surface: The first and most important point to be noted here is that wax polish is applied to only those surfaces that are clean and dry. So, after you are done with your car wash, wipe it with a clean and dry cloth in order to remove all traces of remaining moisture. It is important to be done because wax and moisture never go hand-in-hand. Also, make sure your car is standing under shade when you apply wax to it. Sunlight dries out wax pretty fast and adds further difficulties to already tedious task. Another important car wax polish tip to keep in mind is that always buy dry wax polish that has optimum amount of carnauba in its. Spray waxes aren’t that effective and never last longer.

        • Application: Scoop out some wax from the wax container and start applying it over the surface with a very light hand. Ensure that the layer you apply is a pretty thin one; this will also avoid wastage and will help in easy buffing later on. Try to apply the wax in the smallest of areas that do not exceed 2x2 ft. area. The best way to apply is to move your hands in a circular motion.

        • Waiting Period: Once you are done with applying wax over complete surface of car, leave it for some time for settling down. When you can see that it is dry and is comes out easily. On an average, it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes for settling down.

        • Wiping Off: Once the wax has settled down, you just need to wipe it off the surface through a clean cloth. It is preferable if you use microfiber cloth, you can easily purchase one from a car care store. When you begin wiping the surface of the car, you will feel a drag after a few minutes. It simply means that the respective side of cloth is saturated with wax and you need to flip to the other side. For a shinier finish, wipe off the complete surface of the car.