Getting The Most Out Of Your Gasoline

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Indian automotive industry witnessed a shift in consumers’ preference from diesel to petrol cars, due to narrowing price gap between the two fuels. The gasoline powered vehicles, however, are less frugal than the diesel cars. If a car is well maintained, it consumes less fuel and runs at its best. You can get the most out of your gasoline car by following few simple tips.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Gasoline
Getting The Most Out Of Your Gasoline

Drive smoothly

High speed, heavy acceleration and frequent braking might reduce the gasoline mileage by 5% at low revs around the city and 33% on highways. Avoid speeding, rapid braking and acceleration.

Keep engine well tuned

A car with well-tuned engine consumes less fuel. If the emissions level of your car is higher than the standard level, then the engine might need to be repaired or tuned.  This will improve the gasoline fuel economy by 4% on an average. The air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs should be checked and cleaned on regular basis.

Tyres are not over or under-inflated

Over or under-inflated tyres reduce the fuel efficiency of gasoline vehicles. The low air pressure increases the friction and contact area between the surface of tyre and road. It might cause some serious accidents too. Properly inflated tyres can improve mileage by more than 3%. Tyre pressure should be checked once a week.

Minimize vehicle drag

Reduce the vehicle’s aerodynamic load or drag by removing unnecessary items from back seat and trunk. Use narrow tyres and keep the windows up.

Use recommended grade of engine oil

Using the recommended grade of engine lubricant, mentioned in vehicle’s manual, can increase gasoline mileage up to 2%. Use the engine oil whose label says that it’s “Energy Conserving”, mentioned on the API performance symbol. It signifies that the oil contains friction-reducing additives.

Choose a high-grade gasoline

The carbon molecules of lubricants deposit on the engine parts and build up layers; if not cleaned, it can reduce the fuel economy, power and performance of the vehicle. Top car makers like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota and General Motors recommend top tier detergent gasolines for better performance and long-life of the engine.

Use cruise control

Maintaining a constant driving speed, in regular city traffic and highways, help you to improve gasoline mileage. Several cars, these days, offer the cruise control feature for the same purpose.

Avoid idling

Excessive engine idling gives zero mileage per litre.

Slow down speed

Gasoline fuel efficiency, usually, gets reduced when vehicles run at speeds more than 60kmph.

Plan trips

Avoid short separate trips. You can plan trips or combine tasks to avoid unnecessary driving, cold starts and turns on the go. This will keep the engine running warm and efficient.  

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