Fuel Options When Choosing A Car

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Fueling is one of the major expenses that a car owner faces, and the constantly increasing fuel prices are outstripping our food bills and overhead expenses. Therefore, common car buyers look for more efficient and economical fuel options. Generally, it is perceived that diesel cars are better than their petrol counter parts due to higher fuel efficiency they provide. But they have higher acquisition and maintenance cost too.

Fuel options when choosing a car
Fuel options when choosing a car

However, the narrowing price gap between both the fuels and available efficient petrol model options have changed the buying trends in the Indian market. Petrol cars are now equally fuel efficient and economical as diesel vehicles. Buying the best mileage car is the simplest way to cut the fuel cost of your day-to-day driving purpose.

Once you know the pros and cons of both the fuel options, you will be able to choose the right one for you. Hope the below given car buying tips, help you chose the right car.

Advantages of diesel

  •  Diesel cars are more fuel efficient and consume up to 15−20% less fuel.

  • Diesel-powered fuel efficient cars also lead to lower CO2 emissions (up to 20%) than petrol.

  • The overtaking is easier with the diesel models, since they offer more low-rev torque. It also improves their towing capability.

Disadvantages of diesel

  • Diesel variants of the cars are usually more expensive than their petrol counterparts. They have slightly high repair and maintenance costs. 

  • Despite the lower carbon emissions, diesel fuel produces asthma and other breathing disorders causing tiny particles.

  • Diesel engines are noisier and smellier than the petrol engines.

Advantages of petrol

  • Petrol run cars are cheaper to maintain than the diesel-powered vehicles.

  • Petrol cars have less acquisition cost.

  • Petrol engines are relatively more refined and less noisy than the diesel.

Disdvantages of petrol

  • Petrol engines consume more fuel and are less fuel efficient than diesel.

  • Petrol vehicles devalue slightly more than their diesel versions.

  • Petrol engines have higher CO2 emission.

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