Easy Tips To Increase Car Mileage

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Fuel is an essential commodity in India and the fluctuating fuel prices substantially impact our monthly budget. Though, you may do nothing to control the rising fuel prices, you can certainly enhance mileage of your car by using some simple car tips.

Easy tips to increase car mileage
Easy tips to increase car mileage

How to improve car mileage?

Reduce load

A loaded car consumes more fuel, since the engine works hard to move the vehicle. The fuel consumption increases up to 1-2% with every 100 pounds. Remove all unnecessary stuff from the boot of your car. 

Accelerate smoothly, drive slowly and use cruise control

The engine at high RPM (revolutions per minute) consumes more fuel, so don’t be hard on the throttle. Accelerate smoothly and drive slowly. Fast driving can reduce your mileage up to 33%, if you are running above 60mph. Cruise control, at a constant speed, helps improving fuel efficiency of the cars. Using appropriate gears is also encouraged by the car advice experts.

Plan trips and route

Planning trips and route avoids unnecessary driving and saves fuel. Make sure the route you choose has less turns and stops. A smooth drive at moderate speed consumes less fuel and provides better highway mileage.

Engine tuning and maintenance

The proper engine tuning improves its efficiency and performance. But, make sure it is done carefully as most tuned cars get higher horsepower that reduces their mileage. So, it’s better to ask for professional help. Check the fuel and air filters on regular basis and get them replaced after certain period of time.

Keep tires inflated

Over or under inflated tires affect fuel efficiency of a vehicle, while the properly inflated tires can enhance it up to 3%. Check the tire pressure at least once in a month and keep them inflated at recommended levels.

Don’t idle

Excessive idling reduces fuel efficiency of a car. Experts recommend driving at a slow speed and warm the engine for 10-15 minutes daily, especially in winters.

Use synthetic oil and additive

Synthetic oil and additive improve fuel efficiency by 5% - 15%. The light oil reduces engine load and ensure smooth functioning of engine components. Change the oil when it gets dirty.

Use narrow and low-rolling-resistance compound tires

Narrow tires reduce the traction and aerodynamic drag of a vehicle. The less resistance tires, too, help improve fuel efficiency.

There is no denying that the most consumers prefer buying high mileage cars in India. Considering the inclination of buyers, carmakers are introducing highly fuel efficient petrol and diesel cars in India at very competitive prices. However, the frugal cars, too, start consuming more fuel than their claimed values after a certain time period. But by following the above-mentioned easy car tips, you can always get most out of your car.

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