Easy Maintenance Tips For Petrol Car

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While diesel cars in recent years have managed to narrow the gap, there still is no beating the inexplicable pull of a petrol car. Besides being cheaper to purchase, they are easier to drive and go about their job rather silently. There’s no discernible vibrations like in a diesel and thanks to modern engine building techniques, they are equally fuel efficient as well.

Easy maintenance tips for petrol car
Easy maintenance tips for petrol car

Keeping your prized possession in top shape is a matter of both, pride as well as satisfaction. With the easy maintenance tips for petrol cars below, you’ll enjoy a lot many enjoyable drives:

The air filter is like the lungs of the car. If it is clogged, then your car won’t breathe easy. This immediately impacts fuel efficiency and eventually leads to increased wear and tear on the engine.

Regular air-pressure checks are among the simplest, yet invaluable of car care tips that you can follow. Besides keeping you safe whilst motoring, tires with optimal air-pressure ensure a pleasant drive and also keep the suspension components in top shape for their serviceable life.

Another aspect of tire inspections is to ensure that the alignment and balancing schedules are adhered to without fail. This is crucial for reasons mentioned above.

The oil in the engine of the car keeps the internal components well lubricated, running smoothly and at optimal temperature. Never delay an oil-change. In-fact, if you know that you’re going to be out on a long drive, then change the oil prior to leaving rather than risking engine damage by pushing it off for later. Another crucial thing is that the oil filter must be changed along with the oil too.

Like the oil filter, the fuel filter change schedules too must be a part of your essential car care tips.

Cars these days come with maintenance-free batteries. But they too must be subjected to a periodic health check-up, lest you want to risk being stranded by the roadside without prior warning.

Spark-plugs don’t cost a lot of money and can be replaced even by a novice owner without too much hassle. Yet, their impact on vehicle performance means that an annual spark-plug inspect & change routine makes its way to the list of easy maintenance tips for petrol cars.

Often, the only thing required to keep a car in top shape is regular inspections and maintenance as required. You can also leverage technology and maintain a record for yourself on the maintenance schedules for your car. So go on, get started if you haven’t already. What are you waiting for?

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