Driving Tips For City Driving In Slow Traffic

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If you’re reading this then chances are that you live in an area where vehicular traffic is commonplace around you. And if you reside in a major metro, like I do, then you’ll know just what congestion and rush hour mean when you’re driving cars in India. Navigating your way through a dense sea of people isn’t for the faint of heart. A tiny fumble, a seemingly harmless brush, a slight lack of attention can turn the most benign of days in to a full blooded riot.

driving tips for city driving in slow traffic
driving tips for city driving in slow traffic

Stress levels are always high and one has to be aware of ones surroundings at all times. The ability to track and identify the position of multiple objects in a continually changing environment is something that one needs at their hand if they are to pass through without incident. Not only does one have to observe, note and process what’s in front and beside you, but also watch out for stuff that’s coming up from behind. Wing mirrors aren’t just for show, though, sadly many continue to treat them so. They are a vital tool in navigating the streets and must be used at all times. You’ll be surprised by just how much of information a well-adjusted pair of wing-mirrors can provide. Together with the Internal Rear View Mirror (IRVM), it is like having eyes at the back of the head – an absolute must on the tips for driving in city traffic, I’d say.

Another golden rule to keep in mind when getting behind the wheel of cars in India is to keep it slow. Speeding up isn’t the answer. Learn to relax instead, turn up the volume on that stereo (don’t make it so loud that you can’t hear the traffic around you at all) and start to enjoy your favourite tunes as you navigate your way safely through the congestion and crowd.

Sadly, automatic turn indicators and lane change warning systems are yet to become a reality in our part of the world. But that shouldn’t stop you from letting others know of your impending change in direction. A great many dings and fender-benders occur because one or more parties to the situation didn’t indicate to the others of their intention to change direction. A simple tip on the indicator stalks is what’s needed – it is that easy.

In the end, if there is the one take away on driving tips for city driving in slow traffic then it is adopting a common sense approach. Try it and you’ll reap the rewards, guaranteed!

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