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        Car Engine Maintenance Tips

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        In case, you are planning to keep your car around for a long time, you may start taking a few tips for its maintenance. And when we speak of maintenance; engine is the first thing that needs to be taken care of. How to maintain car’s engine, there are a few things that you may take care on your own rest you will have to leave over your servicing agency. But the bottom line is as the owner of the car you are expected to know a few car engine maintenance tips. In case you missed it, take a look at following pointers:

        Car engine maintenance tips
        Car engine maintenance tips
        • Know The Root Causes Of Problems: Before you jump into technicalities, try considering the most common reasons behind engine problems. Some of the counted ones include – irregularity in changing engine oil, driving pretty low on engine oil, overheating, regular usage of lower quality fuel and oil, flawed designing, bad parts, using car only for short trips, too much car racing, or excessive idling, Once, you know the list it will be easier to work over solutions.

        • Importance Of Regular Oiling: First things first, regular changing of engine oil is the most basic task that needs to be done for better health of car’s motor. The main function of engine oil is to keep moving its parts without friction and keep up its efficiency. Oiling also helps in keeping away dirt from metal and protects it from corrosion and rust. Each car has its own requirements in this respect, therefore; better take some car servicing tips before touching its heart.

        • Timing Belts: The camshafts of your engine are controlled by timing belts. These mainly help in keeping operations smooth especially in internal combustion engines. If timing goes out of control, the efficiency and proper functioning of engine line goes for a toss. In case, your engine is the interference engine it might fail completely. Non-interference engines, on the other hand, have a slightly better chance of recovery but interference engine will fall apart completely.

        • Emission Checks: Emission checks or emission tests, these happen usually twice in a year.  One of the most important parts of new as well as used car engine maintenance regime, these ensure that your vehicle meets government’s emission standards. In case, your car fails to meet the test, you may need to pay extra amount for repairing its exhaust system.