Best DIY Car Wash Tips And Tricks

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Following DIY car washing tips and tricks will help you cut through all that dirt and grime that has been spoiling your car’s shine lately.

Diy car wash tips and tricks
Diy car wash tips and tricks
  • Application of Baking Soda: Preparing a condensed cleaner base in home is one of the simplest DIY car wash tricks. All you need is one-fourth cup of baking soda and dishwashing liquid. Add these two in a bucket and fill it with water to the rim. Mix it and leave, afterwards store it in a dry place. When you are washing the car, mix this solution vigorously and pour a cup of cleaner base in water pail. Then add warm water to it and your homemade cleaning base is ready.

  • Single-step Window Cleaner: Baby wipes can be used as the best tools for cleaning window panes. The trick is to clean the windshield and window glasses with a cloth and then start rubbing them with wipes. Another scorer in easiest tricks for cleaning cars in India.

  • Fizzing Windshields With Cola: A dirty windshield can easily turn into a big mess during rains. You can easily get rid of blotches and streaks by pouring cola on its surface. The bubbles in the liquid will fizz away the dirt stuck on it. Make sure to wash away the cola afterwards or it will end up attracting more grime and dirt.

  • No-Wax Washer: Add a cup of kerosene in 12-litres of water and then slowly sponge this solution over your car’s surface. You wouldn’t need to spray or wax the surface after you are done with car wash. Do it compulsively during rains as it will help in rolling down water droplets from the car and save the surface from oxidation (rusting).

  • Shining The Car With Hair Conditioner: Hair conditioner come with a special substance called lanolin which is very much like wax. So once you are done with regular car wash, rinse it once with your hair conditioner. Wait for some time, it will make the surface water resistant and give it a freshly waxed look.

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