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        Is Switching Your Car Insurance Worthy?

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        There are several situations when one comes to a decision that it’s time that he/she switches his/her car insurance. With the rising demand for car insurance in India, the requests and queries about switching auto insurance from one company to another have increased exponentially. If you are one of those who want to change their insurance policy, then this article will help you in guiding through the correct process.

        Is switching your car insurance worthy
        Is switching your car insurance worthy
        • Is it really necessary? The very first thing that you should do is to see whether your reasons for this switch are really worthy or not. Some strong reasons for buying a new car are important and demand attention, but reasons like ‘I don’t like my insurer’ or ‘My insurance company’s office is too far away’ is not considered as a worthy reason.

        • Research: This step will repeat itself several times during this whole guide. The reason is simple; without proper and complete information you can be easily fooled. It is advised that you research about your existing car insurance policy, and the conditions for switching insurance is the very first that you should do. Also, make a blueprint of the insurance policy you desire.

        • Shop around: Move around and research about different auto insurance policies. Read their points carefully, and enquire about them with your friends and family members. Read reviews about their services and the policy, specifically. Also, ensure that your reasons for changing your last insurance policy don’t find a place in the policy you are going through.

        • Contact the shortlisted insurance companies: Meet the shortlisted insurance companies in person and get all the information about the policy. There are some things that one doesn’t pay required focus on. The best way to ensure that such a situation doesn’t arise is to go through the policy papers again.

        • Make the switch: Once you have selected the final car insurance policy, make the switch. Get the previous one cancelled. Complete all the legal formalities properly. A small advice here, it is always beneficial to have the contact number of your insurer. It can prove to be handy when you are in some emergency and need some help.

        • What to do about your previous coverage? Usually, while making a switch, people completely forget about the last coverage. Don’t make this mistake. Contact the insurer and ask for the correct procedure and ensure that your insurance policy has been cancelled.

        • Get your new ID card and insurance papers: Finally, collect the insurance papers from your insurance company. If, by chance, the last insurance firm let you keep the insurance papers with you, don’t throw them away. Keep them at some safe place.