Toyotas Hovering Car Concept

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Toyota has once again fueled the concept of flying cars in our minds. The managing office of Toyota Motors was quoted saying in an interview last year that their R&D team has been toying with this idea. However, their present leap isn’t very close to it, but seems like a good start. Toyota has been working rigorously on the concept of hovering cars that will sprint Toyota cars slightly above the ground. This will be done to reduce friction and increase car’s fuel efficiency. For now, it is being practiced as a case study, if this technology will be making a part of future Toyota cars or not that is still under debate. There is a complete set of virtues and vices associated with this automobile technology. So, if you wish to decide your side better take a look at following points:

 Toyotas hovering car concept
Toyotas hovering car concept


  • The concept will be very successful on Indian roads that has more potholes than Moon’s surface. As the car stays above the surface, you can always have a coffee without spilling it.

  • You may bid farewell to the problem of being strangled in middle of journey for flat tyre. Since your car will be riding above surface you need not afraid of any nails, pointed articles, etc that may put a hole through your tires.

  • Zero friction means extended life for tires; it means one set of tires will last for a lifetime.


  • The biggest question that comes to mind for hovering cars is: will they brake or break? How will you put brakes to the car that is running above the surface? It is friction between tyres and roads that helps in pulling brakes and bringing car to halt. If Toyota can find a solution to it we are all up for it.

  • A car that floats above the ground, how will it manage to stay in one lane? A gust of wind and puff your car is floating on other lane. Think about it.

  • And last but not the least, the pricing. A car that is light in weight, very fuel efficient with leading automobile technology, how much will you need to shell out? If you can find answers to any of these questions, than definitely we can think of a future for hovering cars.

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