The Invisible Car Technology From Land Rover

author image Monday 11 May 2015, 17:30 PM Automobile Technology

Remember that shot from Die Another Day where James Bond’s Aston Martin V12 Vanquish just puffed in thin air with push of a button.  How mesmerizing was that? Imagine if it could happen to your car. Well, if you have been having such fantasies than hold on for a few more days as the process has already begun. Land Rover’s invisible car technology is finally on floors allowing its drivers to see through the bonnet while on roads. The transparent bonnet will play significant role keeping drivers safe while traversing through rough terrains specially inclined paths and confined spaces.

Land rovers invisible car technology - transparent bonnet
Land rovers invisible car technology - transparent bonnet

The term ‘invisible’ though seems a bit melodramatic given the transparent bonnet is result of augmented reality. The system actually employs cameras beneath the grille that capture all ground activities and relay them to the surface of bonnet. For this purpose, it also adds a pair of virtual wheels to the graphics. When a driver watches from his seat, he will be able to see all going on over terrain under the car. The feature is expected to become a standard add-on in all next generation Land Rover Discovery cars. Most of these vehicles are expected to debut by end of present year. To what seemed like a distant possibility, Land Rover cars will be carrying that across all plains in reality. This might be a tipping point for all those super natural cars we all dreamt off as teenagers including invisible cars.

Land Rover invisible car technology is a huge stride in terms of safety, innovation, and horizon that now seems expanding with terms of capability and autonomous character of vehicles. The technology is a small part of huge program that aims at blessing next generation SUVs with emotive design, supreme versatility, and unrivalled capability.

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