Porsche Innodrive Cruise Control Technology

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Porsche cars are known around the globe for their superior driving experience and class-leading technological features. And if reports are to be believed, the German car maker is on to creating a new kind of cruise control that will be next step in its semi-autonomous driving technology. Titled as “Porsche’s Innodrive Technology”, it gets underlined by a technology called “take over the throttle”. The technique mainly enables cars with an hyper sensitive information system that is constantly updated with inputs from sensors, cameras, radars, traffic information,etc. The Innodrive technology also bestows the vehicle with the capability to stay informed with rare details pertaining road gradient, upcoming turn details, etc. The database for all this information gets stored in navigation center of the car.

Porsche innodrive cruise control technology
Porsche innodrive cruise control technology

When the system receives information from all such aspects, the display over vehicle’s dashboard is presented with the most perfect snapshot of road. Knowledge of this level then further affects other activities of the vehicle like speed and performance. The Porsche Cruise Control technology thus takes action on the basis of this information and shifts to the most suitable driving mode – Efficient, Dynamic, or Comfort.

The dynamic mode of cruise control system directs the vehicle to give its best performance in terms of driving experience, acceleration, speed, and safety. Along with a superb speed, this cruise control system takes an edge over other systems for increasing fuel efficacy of the vehicle by 10 per cent.

As per some recent reports, the German car maker is still processing this technology. But it is being said that future Porsche cars will be befitted with such superior technologies. Though, there exists a race of drivers that will claim to give performance of this level without any such technological input, there is another race of average drivers that still needs to be supported by such techniques.

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