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      Most Worthless Car Technologies

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      If you think that automobile technologies are only meant to drop jaws on the floors, then wait!!! There exists a complete bunch of useless car technologies that might compel you to collect your jaw back from the floor. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself.

      Most worthless car technologies
      Most worthless car technologies
      • Automatic Wipers – The reason why we included them in useless car technologies list is that their functioning is poorer than their manual versions. It is not hard to switch them on, but apart from rains, you cannot expect them to their job properly especially during mist and foggy season.

      •  Fake Engine Sounds – Trust us, we fully believed in BMW’s excellence till this particular feature came under our acknowledgement. We just want to ask BMW engineers and designers – why people why? Using speakers to fake exhaust noise for a model like M5. How could you forget, if people can buy BMW M5, they can afford Audi RS7 for the same price.

      • Automatic Headlamps – What can be the worst case scenario of your car doesn’t have automatic headlights? You forget to turn them on and people driving across you will be forced to remind you. But will that be less troublesome or having your lights switched on under every shadow and bridge will be?

      • Power LIftgates- These are nothing more but a perfect example of laziness. If you have the power to walk to the car and drive it, then how much more energy does it take to open and close the door. Seriously, one of the most useless car technologies ever seen.

      • Lane Departure and Collision Warning – Your car makes noise even when you are close to next car just for overtaking, you changes the lane without indicators because no one else was there. O come on car!! you are a car and not a freaky girlfriend, take a break!!!

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