Jaguar Land Rovers Transparent Pillar And Follow Me Navigation

author image Sunday 29 March 2015, 10:00 AM Automobile Technology

Jaguar Land Rover, the British automotive company, has always been known for its ultra luxurious, performance and off-road vehicles. Keeping up the pace with the technological advancement, the company is now working on new in-car connectivity and automobile technologies. JLR, recently, launched a research project to develop 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen system combining two new concept technologies –Transparent Pillar system and Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation system.

Jaguar land rovers transparent pillar
Jaguar land rovers transparent pillar

The Transparent Pillar system will include display screens and cameras, embedded in the surface of each pillar, which are virtually not visible. The screen displays the live video feed from cameras by recording the view of vehicle and its surroundings by using the roof pillars. If there is a hidden object or obstacle by A-pillars, it displays the potential hazard as these pillars weren’t at their places, and draws driver’s attention to the object or obstacle. It shows the vehicle on the inside of the B or C-pillar, if the driver turns his/her head to see a passing vehicle.

In order to improve the concentration of a driver, Follow me navigation system shows the information on the windscreen instead of the dashboard screen. The same navigation system was recently showcased on the F-Type for tack purpose, but now the company will deploy it for more practical urban and highway driving purpose. This automobile technology in cars will improve the driver’s visibility and reduce distractions.

Jaguar Land Rover will launch a bunch of automobile technology in cars including 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen System, Transparent Bonnet (displayed on the Discover Vision concept) and Integrated Smart Navigation and Infotainment System (showcased on the Range Rover Sport). However, all these technologies are in their development and testing phase, and might still take some time to finally come with the new Jaguar Land Rover cars.

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