Google Plans To Integrate Services Directly In Car

author image Wednesday 24 June 2015, 18:30 PM Automobile Technology

Tech giants such as Google and Apple are well-aware that the next tech-war will be staged on wheels and operating systems like Android might not be the best weapons to make moves. And if latest reports are to be believed, these phenomenal companies are already on to it. Google has strategic plans to integrate its operating system in car’s system directly by 2015. The company wants to sideline Android as a system that will only be required for running infotainment systems and other small functions. This doesn’t undermines the importance of android for automobiles as it will still be required to connect to internet and get required information for drivers.

Googles plans to integrate services directly in car
Googles plans to integrate services directly in car

By this direct application, Google wishes to enhance usage of car cameras, Bluetooth, sensors, and other such sophisticated application. In all the company wishes to take riding and driving experience to an evolutionary level. Google’s Android Auto program is a direct rival of Apple’s CarPlay Initiative and plans to overpower the later with its simple applications.

The direct integration of Google’s services in car would allow driver to take better advantage of advanced automobile technologies such as voice recognition, maps, navigation, etc. it will also allow driver with an ability to incorporate latest android apps like Pandora, WhatsApp, etc in their car’s system, thus reducing their dependence over smart phones in cars. Google has signed agreements with around 28 automobile companies that include legendary car makers like Acura, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, and a few others.

The biggest benefit of this development is that the drivers data extracted from this process will be of great use and could be used for multiple purposes. For e.g., the GPS information about where you go, where you stop will allow Google to send you information about the best available eateries, shopping stops, hospitals, etc around you. Imagine if your Android Auto could help you know the nearest fuel station or best service center available near you within seconds. Though the integration process is still in pipelines but its potential usage has already stimulated wide anticipation for it. 

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