Getting To Know The BMW Laser Light Technology

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It is true that a direct exposure to laser lights impairs vision, but the BMW laser light technology stands as an exception to this fact. The legendary German automaker has designed the laser based headlights in a way that prevent any kind of blindness due to high-beam headlights. BMW brought forth this iconic product at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show where this concept mesmerized everyone.

Bmw laser light technology
Bmw laser light technology

The light that is emitted from these laser based headlights in completely different from the regular dot shapes that we usually see in lasers. Deep inside the headlamps, the blue colored laser rays are converted into a light that illuminates your path without burning the viewer’s retinas. The BMW lights are fitted with a specific optical device that focuses the laser rays over a phosphor plate converting the blue harmful light into bright white colored light.

The light produced using the BMW laser light technology is ten times brighter than present day Xenon lamps. It is also quite energy efficient and uses around 30 per cent less energy than others. Along with BMW has also used some nifty tricks to save oncoming drivers from impaired vision due to bright light. The new lights light up the path up to 2000-feet in one stretch which is actually double the distance covered by regular lights. The cars with laser lights will also be equipped with camera-based Selective Beam device that will detect the other vehicles moving ahead of the vehicle in same lane and those coming towards it from other lanes. It then automatically reduces the brightness of the beams depending on the distance of the vehicles ahead.

Cherry on the cake, the lights have also been connected to GPS system which enables them to light up the path over corners and curves ahead. The “Spotlight” features in this one detects the humans or animals moving ahead of the vehicle up to a distance of 300 feet.  The BMW light system is also capable enough to mark the width available in front of the car allowing it you to know the points from where you may squeeze your way out.

The technology will be first used in European BMW cars as in United States usage of any such technology is barred under federal vehicle lighting norms. 

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