Gesture Controls On Car Dashboards

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With the evolution of automotive industry, we have witnessed advancements in automobile technology and innovations. The innovation in vehicle technology includes engine development and material development and information technology. The next big development is likely to be the gesture technology in future cars. This new technology in cars will simplify the in-car operations, as it will require only a few hand gestures to operate or control things.

Gesture controls on car dashboards
Gesture controls on car dashboards

What is gesture control?

In the near future, car makers will start offering new technology in cars that will replace the use of some button and knob controls with hand motions. The use of air conditioning, change of songs, and other features will soon be performed by pointing and swiping, instead of pushing knobs. At CET (Consumer Electronics Show), different auto engineers said that gesture controls are a positive and logical step for customers addicted to knocking the smartphones' touch screens.

At the event, Delphi Automotive demonstrated gesture technology that allows driver to change songs by tapping their hand in front of the display screen. This leads to reduce look-away time. Interestingly, Delphi engineers are also working on new softwares that will help control some of the car functions with eye movement.

How will it work?

In this automobile technology, high-definition cameras will be installed in the dashboard or above the display-screen area. The cameras will be programmed to detect hand motions and neglect other movements. BMW AG also showcased new gesture controls, which is likely to come into existence in the next couple of years when the maker will introduce next iDrive interface. The new BMW technology will allow consumers to change stereo volume by pointing a finger at the display screen. By pointing one finger at the screen, the consumer can answer phone calls while the two fingers will be used to access the navigation screen.

However, this new technology in cars could backfire, if the controls fail to work properly. This could hurt the brand reputation and affect the quality of products. Ford Motor Company, the American automaker opted for buttons and knobs on its cars after consumers complained its touch-screen controls were hard to use.

BMW is also planning to limit this to a few gesture controls. This could be a move to avoid confusing a car’s driver. Another German carmaker, Volkswagen also displayed switchless car at CES, which is a concept vehicle with no buttons or knobs inside. All car functions including opening and closing down of windows and opening the sunroof will be controlled by hand gestures.

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