Ford Smart Mobility

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Ford, the US based automaker, announced its Smart Mobility Plan along with 25 global experiments at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Smart Mobility Plan is an advanced automobile technology in cars that will help achieve a higher level of connectivity, autonomous vehicles, mobility, big data and the customer experience. The company, recently, also announced a new experiment called Handle on Mobility, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which is an extension of the global Ford Smart Mobility Plan.

Ford smart mobility
Ford smart mobility

The first phase of the Ford Smart Mobility Plan will include the launch of 25 mobility experiments in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The experiments address 4 challenges of existing transportation model and personal mobility limitation – i.e. an expanding middle class, explosive population growth, changing customer attitudes and priorities and air quality and public health concerns.

For the Innovate Mobility Challenge Series, Ford invited developers and innovators from across the world to develop solutions for specific mobility challenges in Portugal, North and South America, England, India, Australia, Africa and China. The company will encourage innovators to create technological solutions of challenges like finding an open parking space in crowded urban area, using navigation and other tools to access medical care in remote areas and better navigational solutions.

In Bangalore, Ford is working on Zoomcar technology for testing a sharing concept that enables small communities or groups such as families, office workers and apartment dwellers, to share a car between multiple drivers. This aims to create new revenue systems, sustainability and new customers, besides offering additional benefits to owners of ford cars in India. The company is also planning to develop a model for car scheduling and managing ownership.

Ford Smart Mobility solutions backed by hi tech technology surely is a great move considering the day to day issues being faced by commuters around the world.

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