Dedicated Android System For Cars By Google

February 26, 2015 16:30 IST by in Automobile Technology.

The automotive industry, in recent past, has shown tremendous technical advancement, be it for entertainment, convenience, power or safety. Google driverless cars, V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication, automated manual transmission (AMT), pre-collision technology, start-stop technology, smart cars, hovering car, invisible car are some of the major automobile technology in cars we have seen in 2014.

Andriod auto
Andriod auto

Several carmakers are working on a new car technology with Google - Android Auto - that will improve connectivity among Android smartphone users. According to a Reuters report, Google, besides the advanced smartphone connectivity, is working on an Android version, especially for cars, and might develop features for the future infotainment systems of cars.

The tech firm has already announced its plans for next-gen in-car Android development - Android M. This will be the first dedicated Android software that can be accessed autonomously within the vehicle, and collect data from the car’s systems. The Android Auto, launched early 2014, was complained for its ineptness since it required users to plug in their smartphone in order to access the phone’s features.

The new Android M will be built directly into cars of some specific brands in 2015. According to Reuters, this project might prove controversial with auto manufacturers, even though 24 manufacturers, as an Open Automotive Alliance, signed up to use Android Auto. With the help of new Android M software, Google can access a driver’s GPS location, stoppage duration and location, speed and fuel level. The major improvement will reportedly be made to its performance and stability. It will be quicker than the current Android Auto that takes 30 seconds to turn on following a smartphone connection.  Car manufacturers might be uncertain to develop Android M-based infotainment systems, as it may erode their brand identity.

Not just Google, its arch rival Apple too has been continuously working on upgrading its in-car technology – Apple Car Play – that allows iPhone users to connect their phones to the infotainment system.

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