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        Chevrolets Active Phone Cooling Technology

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Automobile technologies are not only about integrating smartphones functionality with vehicles. Some of these also try to take care of the handsets and keep them safe and sound while you enjoy the drive. A latest example of this has been presented by Chevy’s active phone cooling technology that has won all hearts and applauds since its launch. High temperatures can easily turn your vehicle into ovens compelling them to heat up everything that becomes part of them including passengers and their phones. The passengers can rather take care of themselves by either opening up the windows or switching on air conditioners, but electronic instruments like smartphones may need special mechanisms to stay cool. Chevrolet’s Active Phone Cooling feature is a simple solution to this problem.

        Chevrolets active phone cooling technology
        Chevrolets active phone cooling technology

        Excessive heat can lead to shutting down of phones and even create complications in their recharging. The problem was discovered by some engineers while they were designing charging pads for phones during summers. To solve the problem, they connected the wireless charging box with car’s HVAC system via an air vent. As long as air conditioner is on, your phone will keep getting cool air. This would let the phone active irrespective of the temperature outside. All Chevrolet cars, equipped with wireless charging pads, will be presented with this feature. Chevrolet has yet included the 2016 Malibu, Impala, Volt, and Cruze in the list. These models are expected to reach markets next year.

        The new automobile technology in Chevy cars is another safeguard to ensure the driver’s attention stays on road. Almost every carmaker has been making efforts to ensure this. The pathological urge to stay connected while driving is a safety risk that may have fatal consequences. Physical separation between phone and user can be an effective medium is minimizing this risk. Drivers are less likely to take a look at their phone and worry about its charging.