Active Health Monitoring: The Future Of Automobile Technology

author image Wednesday 03 June 2015, 13:37 PM Automobile Technology

Imagine that you are driving far off from the city and suddenly a crackling pain cracks up in your head and you start losing consciousness. Your car realizes your derailing condition, takes control, pulls the car aside, and informs the nearest medical facility. This is what we call active health monitoring, the future of automobile technology that will soon become a part of regular lifestyle in coming years. The technology is expected to have a huge impact over safe driving, one of the major concerns faced by those who are bound to go on long drives every now and then.

Active health monitoring
Active health monitoring

There is a complete lieu of car manufacturers that is working over this technology. But like always, Ford seems to be leading the race with the S-Max concept. The concept floored last year and got installed in several new cars. The system mainly works by becoming a part of car seats in form of ECG monitors. It keeps a track of passenger’s heart rate and can instantly raise alarm if occupant’s heartbeat goes haywire. It also carries an ability to monitor passenger’s blood glucose and sugar levels, though for this purpose it has to rely over information from some external devices. These devices need to stay in touch with Ford’s SYNC infotainment system. It is mainly expected to assist diabetic patients during long travel.

An automobile technology like this seems nothing less than a miracle in first thought, but it definitely sets a ground for further evolutionary researches in this direction. The in-car health monitoring system also seems like next step in autonomous driving concept, a fascinating wish that has been one of the biggest dreams of automobile world. Active health monitoring system are not yet a part of mainstream vehicles, but the day is not far when we will be relieved from health related emergencies concern in near future. 

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