A Rendezvous With Jaguar’s Ingenium Engine Family

author image Thursday 11 June 2015, 18:30 PM Automobile Technology

Jaguar Land Rover recently made technical details of its new engine public. The new ingenium engine family comes with a promise of improved fuel efficiency and performance. In terms of new automobile technology, the British car maker calls it a first step that will be closely followed by a series of artificial intelligence systems.

Jaguars ingenium engine family
Jaguars ingenium engine family

The ingenium engine family lineup took its shape in Jaguar’s Whitely and Gaydon facility. All mills are constituted by 500cc aluminum pots that powerfully embrace both petrol and diesel configurations. These engines will be used across the complete range of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles to revise their efficiency and maintain their status of world class vehicles. Apart from cylinders, the engines share a lot of other features like Bore, cylinder spacing, and stroke. These common features will helps in speedy transition between production and design allowing their maker to have substantial control over costing and profits.

These new engines will be bringing a number of other changes in vehicles as well which will include lighter weight up to 80kgs, lower torque, and a compatible usage in hybrid electric vehicles which was a rare thing till now. This opens gates to the possibility that we might see a new lineup of Jaguar hybrid vehicles in coming years.

The first engine included in Ingenium engine family is a 2-litre diesel mill named as AJ200D. It takes an upper hand over its predecessor in terms of efficiency by utilizing 17 per cent less friction.  There are several other improved features like oil pressure, piston cooling, engine temperature, offset crankshafts, on-cam roller bearings, and balancer shafts.

All these engines are destined to help Jaguar Land Rover in producing new generation vehicles that will be lighter in weight, higher in efficiency, and advanced in terms of artificial intelligence. Some of the other new automobile technologies that are worth looking forward in this respect include Jaguar’s Vistual Windscreen, Smart Assist, and ‘aid road and track driving’ technology.

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