The Best Bluetooth Kits For All Kind Of Cars

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Bluetooth is counted among the most tricky interior car accessories and requires little extra attention and tactic for installation and execution. In case, you belong to the club that doesn’t wish to lose too much time or money in hassling over details of how to install Bluetooth, you can choose among the following top three options. However remember, your choice will much depend over your priorities too whether you need Bluetooth for attending calls, making calls, or listening music.

The Best Bluetooth kits for all kind of cars
The Best Bluetooth kits for all kind of cars
  • Option 1: The aux-in port, one of the most reliable equipment that would just require an aux-in dongle. The biggest benefit is best quality calls and overall sound.
  • Option 2: In case call quality is more important for you than sound, you best choice might be a clip-on speaker.
  • Option 3: It is for those who give supreme importance to music and podcasts sound quality – A FM transmitter.

Now let’s take detailed tour of Bluetooth kits that are recommended as best ones with respect to above given options:

  • iClever Himbox HB01 It is one of the most reliable options when you wish to add Bluetooth devices in car through aux-in. Experts recommend iClever Himbox HB01 as it leads in both sound quality as well as microphone performance. The mini plastic circles can be mounted over car’s dashboard and power can be drawn from those. It is very easy to install and smoothly synchronizes with smartphones as the car starts.
  • BTC455 – In case you wish to share your new car with someone and need multiple phone connectivity, than BTC455 is your guy. Apart from a refined sound quality, it offers its users to pair up 2 devices in one go. It automatically synchronizes with your phones every time the engine is started.
  • Motorola Roadster 2 – In case, your car doesn’t have an auxiliary input jack and call quality presides over music quality for you, than Motorola Roadster 2 speakerphones are the best ones to go with.  It has been known for offering clear call quality to the listeners. The music sound quality comes from a FM transmitter that helps in playing music with car’s radio. The only backdrop is, it doesn’t coordinates with phones as the engine starts, a deliberate attempt is required from driver’s end for that purpose.
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