Hidden Gas Caps – Cool But Extinct

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It is a largely known fact that automobile industry is one of the most dynamic fields in today's world. The reason is very simple. There are a large number of companies and even larger number of customers but limited resources. With these limited resources, one has to prepare the cheapest car with the highest mileage and power output, and that’s a tough task. But, for the engineers and scientists working in automobile industry, it is their daily job. This is why; they have a habit of thinking out of the box. Sometimes this results in the invention of some strange, weird but cool car accessories in India. This article is based on one such car bizarre.

Hidden gas caps – cool but extinct
Hidden gas caps – cool but extinct

Let me ask you a simple question. What is the strangest place where you have seen a car gas cap? Most of us would have gas caps near the back seat door. But, imagine a hidden car gas cap. Is this some awesome or atrocious interior car accessory? Many years ago, auto makers used to hide the gas caps in places where they could not be found easily. This is where these car gas caps got their name – hidden gas cap. These stealthy positions included a tail light, behind the car’s license plate, under the driver’s side trunk and several other strange places. Weird! Cars like the 1956 Chevy Bel Air had the gas caps on the driver’s side, behind the tail light. On the other hand, cars from 1960s to 1970s had their fuel filters present in the car’s license plate.

Then why did these cool car accessories stop making an appearance in new cars? The reason is very simple. Imagine that a car gas cap is hidden behind the tail light and, unfortunately, a motor hits your car on the rear side. Obviously, the gas would start leaking in no time, making the vehicle dangerous. Now you may understand why the auto makers had to think of a better and safer place. Now-a-days, car gas caps are located behind a fuel filler door. It is better to have a boring look and be safe than to lose your life just because of looking cool. 

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