Different Ways To Apply Car Wax Polish

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Our rapidly evolving lifestyle has converted several luxuries in basic needs. Cars, however, remain to be prized possessions the need special care and attention. Other than regular servicing and washing sessions, it also needs some extra cosmetic care. So, post washing you can always groom your vehicle with some waxing. In this write-up we have mainly focused on the most basic techniques that will help you understand exactly how to apply car wax polish on your vehicle. Application of wax can be equally useful for new as well as used car. There are basically 4 simple steps for applying car wax polish:

Ways to apply car wax polish
Ways to apply car wax polish
  1. Groundwork: Take care to apply the wax only over a clean and dried surface. Remove all traces of moisture and dirt from the washed surface to prepare it for applying wax. Presence of moisture will hamper the wax from sticking to surface. Direct sunlight might be a foe for buffing, so try to park the car in shade when you dry it out.

  2. Application: Scoop out the wax from the container and start applying the wax over the car surface with a light hand. Ensure that the layer is as thin as possible to avoid any kind of wastage and easy buffing later on. Cover smaller areas like 2X2 feet in one time in a circular way overlapping each circle.

  1. Wait For Some Time: Once you have covered the complete surface with car wax polish, allow it to settle down. Wait for a few minutes and then test the smearing level by running your fingers over it. If it is still smearing, the wax needs some more time to settle down.

  2. Wipe Off: Once the wax has settled down, take a dry cloth and wipe the wax off. You will need a microfiber cloth for it which you will get at any car accessory shop in India. Once you begin wiping it, you might feel drag after a while which means it is time to flip the cloth to other side. Wipe off the complete surface so that you can achieve the best shine.  
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