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A GPS vehicle tracking system consists of a tracking device, installed inside the vehicle, along with a central server and software that enables users to monitor vehicle’s position and avoid traffic and road problems. It’s one of the most important and useful car interior accessories, which is easy to install and access. You can purchase vehicle tracking devices online or from any retail shop of car accessories in India or elsewhere. However, most new vehicles come with an in-built tracking device. Here are 6 benefits of using vehicle tracking devices -

Car tracking devices
Car tracking devices

Fuel and money saving: Vehicle tracking software, just like the standard GPS system, calculates the most economical and shortest route to the desired destination. Some advanced tracking systems provide real-time fuel consumption details so that you can guess the fuel cost and allowances easily. It also helps reduce running cost, especially for those who speed often and consume more fuel.

Improve driving style: A car tracking device improves the driving style or behavior by capturing in-car feedback and data such as acceleration, corning, idling, rpms, hard braking etc. Most tracking systems monitor driver’s driving habits and arrange the data on a standard scale and flag the drivers who scores below the standard figure. Driver can score high by improving his/ her driving style.

Reduce carbon footprint: The improved driving behavior not only reduces fuel consumption and saves money, but reduces the carbon footprint of the vehicle as well. Unnecessary engine idling increases CO2 emission levels of the vehicles. Tracking system dramatically reduces the engine idling time and carbon footprint.

Less collision: The GPS tracking device makes the driver more cautious by simply making him/ her being watched. A more attentive and self-aware driver is less tend to have a collision. It reduces the risk behind the wheels.

Traffic foresight:  By using vehicle tracking system, a driver can be aware of upcoming diversions, traffic problems or closures that enable him/her react quickly and avoid accidents.

Increase vehicle’s value: The system’s automatic mileage reminder ensures regular maintenance of the vehicle by notifying the service requirement. It also helps avoiding the penalties by using tax or bald tyres reminders. Some insurance companies, to encourage safe driving, offer discounts to the car owners who have a GPS car tracking system in their vehicle.  

Of all the car interior accessories that are sold in the country, the vehicle tracking device is among the most popular car accessories in India.

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