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        Bluetooth Is Your One-Stop For Car Connectivity – Check Out Three Reasons

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        We all are in love with our mobile phones, but at times we would like to use the same phones as hands-free. And thus, this is when the technology of Bluetooth turns out to be a true benefit. By means of Bluetooth technology, one can share your music, videos, files, photos, and other types of information between one device to another one in a complete wireless manner. Bluetooth actually uses radio waves like FM radio and TV, but here Bluetooth transmits radio waves to a much shorter distance.

        Car bluetooth
        Car bluetooth

        Meanwhile, most number of cars are now coming up with the in-built new car accessories such as Bluetooth facility. However, even though you are having an older model of an automobile, there are plenty of methods to your Bluetooth connectivity from phone in your car. And if we talk about its benefits and advantages, the most common usage is to make your mobile phone a complete hands-free. One can pair his or her phone by making its speaker device on in the car itself, and after that one can use the voice commands to dial, talk and answer the call.

        There are as well various kinds of services that will permit you to use Bluetooth technology in cars to receive and send text messages through voice commands. Benefits such as playing music with the help of your car speakers by simply pairing a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, MP3 player, or other similar device, are also quite common. In addition, it’s also possible to get back internal data in relation to your car such that to help out in detecting problems. Well, all of this is carried out wirelessly.

        Meanwhile, here are the three main reasons to which you can say Bluetooth, which is one of car interior accessories, is your one-stop for car connectivity. Check out below…

        1. Telephony: The Hands-Free Profile (HFP), which enables the speakerphone calling, is relative the part of Bluetooth automobile technology. After a short process of pairing, the stereo speakers of your car and a microphone that is being hidden at someplace in the cabin, simply take over the input and output of the audio throughout calls while driving.

        1. Text messaging (MAP): The Message Access Profile (MAP) offers a Bluetooth-connected car with a bidirectional right of entry to SMS messages on his or her mobile phone. Received messages can be read out loud while you are driving. In addition, a lot of new car stereos that supports MAP will as well permit the consumer to send an immediate template response like "I'm stuck in traffic", "I'm busy driving right now, call you back shortly", and so on with just a tap.

        1. Audio streaming (A2DP): The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) permits the audio system of Bluetooth-connected car to get stereo audio from a Bluetooth-connected phone. As a result, the same wireless link that was used to take voice data for to make hands-free call can be used to hear to music now which is being stored on your mobile phone, can also stream an Internet radio, or can simply listen to audio-books or podcasts.