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      All You Need To Know About Car Alarm Systems

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      The one thing that you need to know about car alarm systems is that they can play an important role in saving loads of money as well as insurance premium. Apart from being a sound car security system, these can also help in getting off from car insurance companies and save your money in several other ways. Present day car alarms come in a wide variety of formants which can lower your insurance premium to a considerable level post installation. Some of the most important noteworthy alarms that also make a wonderful car interior accessory are as follows:

      Car alarm systems
      Car alarm systems
      • Passive Alarm – It is one of the most regular kind of car security systems that gets activated as the engine shuts down and doors gets locked.

      • Active Car Alarms – A superior version of passive alarms, these need to be activated by their users. The owner is also required to voluntarily activate additional setting after locking the car. The benefit – it offers better control over car systems and security as compared to its previous version.

      • Immobilizer – As the name suggests, this one immobilizes car if anything else than key is placed in keyhole. It also locks the steering wheel right there and switches on all emergency lights.

      • Tracker – It works best in case of all old as well as new cars and is most useful in theft prone areas. Just like the name, trackers help in locating your car in case it gets lost or stolen.

      • Silent Alarms – Once activated, this car alarm system delivers message to the owner that helps them in notifying authorities. As the name implies, it is only known by the owner and not by anyone else.

      • Audible Alarm – When triggered it will activate vehicle’s lighting system. It will keep honking car’s horn unless owner comes and stop it.

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