Tips To Extend Life Of Your Car

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It is an eternal wish of every rider to keep its ride going for as long as possible. However, it is easier said than done. You might be abiding by a few car care tips on a regular basis to maintain your vehicle, but is that enough? Here are a few pointers to help you understand how exactly to extend the life of your car:

Tips to extend life of your car
Tips to extend life of your car
  1. Tire Rotation: The tires of your car ought to have rotated as and when you car went under service, but what happens as the service period gets over. As per expert car care tips for new as well as used cars, the tires should be rotated for every 3000-6000 miles. It is better to follow the users’ manual and follow their recommendations in this respect.

  2. Keep Your Air Conditioner Active During Winters: Though the point is mainly meant for snow covered regions, but given the rising intensity of winters in certain parts of India this step should be followed in our country as well. It might sound a bit terrifying; however, running your air conditioner every once in a while in winter will help in keeping the cooling system in place and prevent malfunctioning as and when you would actually need it in summers.

  3. Keep The Power Mill Clean: Washing your engine in every 2-3 years is one of the best ways to extending your car’s life. Removal of sludge from its external surface prevents overheating of the system. It will help in keeping your engine healthy for a long time and would help in keeping your bills low. Just take care that the air intake and other electrical parts are protected whenever you clean the power mill.

  4. Car Washing During Winters: It might seem like a very wet and cold task, but believe us when we ask you to follow this car care tip under freezing temperatures. Snowfalls and untimely rains may make your hideous. A timely wash would not only restore its aesthetics but will also help in extending its life.

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