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      Significance Of Having Central Locking System In Car

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Central locks hail from the new generation features list that is being embraced by all new cars in India these days. Usually, most new cars are fitted with a power operated locking system that connects itself with car’s alarm system. So, in order to lock the car from inside, driver employs the key fob to lock either of the front doors and rest three get locked instantly. It allows the driver to then lock or unlock other doors by manually unlocking his own door or by using unlock button over key fob on cars dashboard. Apart from being a convenience, it forms a very important safety line for passengers sitting in car.

      Central locking system in car
      Central locking system in car

      Every key comes with a unique code that synchronizes with car’s alarm system. Once key is used for locking the car, the engine immobilizer goes off. And only when vehicle’s computer system realizes the same code from car key it opens engine immobilizer. As long as engine’s immobilizer is on, car would not start. It is one of the prime explanations for why you should get a central locking system for your car.

      With the evolution of time, central locking systems have advanced in their working and can now be operated via remotes from a distance. Cars can now be easily locked or unlocked from a distance. Some remotes are even equipped for setting off car’s alarm. These come handy when you have to locate your car in a parking lot. The locking and unlocking sound can easily help in locating your car among hundred others. These mainly work upon radio waves.

      If your car didn’t come installed with one, you can definitely get central locking system for your car through independent vendors. For pricing you may consult online auto guides and information portals. They are not that expensive, and their base price starts from Rs.2, 500. Nippon and Autocop are some of the reputed brands known for selling best central locks for cars in India

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