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        Petrol Vs Diesel: How To Make The Right Choice?

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        There are several other factors like repair bills, engine efficiency, annual mileage, etc. that need consideration before taking final decision. The following guide is a small route map to help confused minds make the right choice between petrol vs. diesel cars.

        Petrol vs diesel: how to make the right choice

        Petrol vs diesel: how to make the right choice
        • Annual Mileage: In case, you are planning to purchase a new car, it is important that you take some time and consider how many miles the car is going to cover in an year. It also means to calculate the time that diesel engine’s higher fuel economy will take to compensate the extra amount you have paid for it. Believe it or not, finding answer to these questions is more than enough to get reply to the ultimate question – which car is best petrol or diesel?
        • Driving Time: How do you prefer to use the car you are buying for regular commutation or occasional highway trips?  If the time frame for your regular journeys do not exceed 15-20 minutes every day, than it is pointless to discuss upon diesel engine vs petrol engines dilemma. If the time frame extends one hour on each side, than you really need to consider fuel economy and other related points.
        • Type Of Roads: If you reach your destination through clogged streets paths and endless start-stop traffic conditions, we recommend diesel cars for you. And if your ride is pleasant through smooth roads with least traffic and potholes, a petrol car would do much better for you. However, small cars with 3-pot engines and much higher fuel efficiency are rapidly taking over their diesel counterparts. Add lower CO2 emissions to it and you are pretty good to go.
        • Resale Value: One of the biggest points considering the economical mindset of our countrymen. The debate over diesel vs petrol cars can be easily sorted out with this point. Diesel cars in India enjoy a way higher resale value as compared to petrol cars. Nevertheless, it is important to give equal consideration to all above mentioned points to make the right choice.