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        How To Rotate Car Tires Correctly?

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        One of the simplest ways to extend life of your car tires is by rotating them on a regular basis. Usually, the cars driving modes favor either the front or the rear set of wheels which means the power derived from engine is directly transferred to either of them and then transferred to the other two wheels. This means one set of tires has to exert more pressure than the other two. Usually, it is the front end tires that get exposed to more pressure and weight than the other two. Statically, the front end tires of your car bear 60 per cent more weight than the rear ones. Therefore, the front end tires wear off more quickly than the rear ones. Rotation of tires equalizes the wearing off of each tire and ensures smooth and safe ride all along. It also helps in saving more money by extending the tenure of tires.

         How to rotate car tires correctly
        How to rotate car tires correctly

        So, how to rotate your car tires? The best guide in this matter can only be provided by your users’ manual. How often should you rotate the car tires? Your manufacturer must have mentioned the right schedule for rotating the tires. Usually, it is advised to change the tires after every 5, 000 miles. The easier way is to rotate the tires whenever you change the engine oil. There are many people who ask us about how to rotate the car tires correctly? The right way to rotate the tires is by considering their directional patterns and keeping the changing schedule in mind.

        The basic tools required for this purpose are car jacks, jack stands, screw drivers, and cinder blocks. Before you unbolt the tires from the car, see if they are directional or non-directional. The directional tires have “one way” tread pattern which specifies their direction. Such tires are meant only for either right or left direction. The angles of these grooves optimize handling and light arrows on them indicate the direction they are supposed to be turned. Last but not the least, take care to include your spare tire in the rotation cycle so that each one of your tire receives the much needed break.