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        How To Maintain Your Car Shine

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Cleaning a car to maintain its shine and brand new appeal doesn’t cost much. To preserve the glossy paint job or repair scratches, dents, rust and other external damages, you need few car waxes, polishes and cleaning products, followed by regular car care. Most car product manufacturers claim their products to be effective, but being a consumer you need to be aware of all brands and their actual performance.

        How to maintain your car shine
        How to maintain your car shine

        Car advice experts suggest not applying various detailing products on a new vehicle with shiny or metallic coat of the factory paint. This might snatch the original luster of the car or damage the paint. Following a simple cleaning procedure and few car maintenance tips, one can preserve his or her car’s original shine.

        How to maintain your car shine?

        Clean the car: Cleaning is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to maintain a car’s shine. Wash your car with shampoo on regular basis, whereas the commercial power wash is recommended for every few months. To avoid the paint damage, maintain a distance between the pressure jet and surface of the car. If you are unsure, ask for professional help or service.

        Using the right wax: Since every paint has different chemical composition and reacts differently to wax and polish, it is advised to use the right one. Some waxes might work as abrasive agents, and steel the original shine of the vehicle. You need to know which paint or detailing product suits best to your car.

        Paint conditioner: To protect the exterior paint of a new car or recently painted vehicle, spray a non abrasive paint conditioner in very small amount. For best results, follow the car guide instructions or procedure mentioned on the package.

        Clay: Apply good quality clay to obtain a fine finishing and original luster. Make sure that car’s exterior is properly cleaned with paint cleaner, before applying the clay. It is recommended to use a soft cloth or right applicator pad, to avoid scratching or damage, while spraying the clay. If you are unsure of your skills, then learn by watching online tutorial videos or reading a car guide.

        Undercoating: Undercoating or rust-proofing protects the vehicle from long-term damage and rust, especially if you live in highly humid area. Car metal oxidization causes rusting that might damage the exterior of the car. 

        Fixing scratches: Along with the waxing, polishing, undercoating and other ways of car care, it important to repair small scratches immediately. You can cover the light scratch with touch up paint or by rubbing compound. Whereas, the deep scratches require primer treatment before applying paint on the affected surface.