How To Handle Tyre Burst?

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Tyre burst is one of the worst things that can happen especially when you are on a long drive or on a rough terrain. It may make you to lose control, collide with divider, or venture into other lanes suddenly. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn how to avoid tyre burst and how to handle it. The goal of these activities is to keep vehicle stable when tyre blows out. Following pointers might help in keeping a calm mind and not do anything to worsen your situation.

How to handle tyre burst
How to handle tyre burst
  • First things first, try not to panic whenever your tyre bursts, any kind of over reaction may directly slam your car or result in loss of control over your car.

  • However strongly instincts might be directing you to step over brakes, do not step over brakes. It is the worst mistake anyone can make. Application of brakes will only increase imbalance over stability of vehicle.

  • The second and most important thing to remember is not to release the accelerator immediately. The best way to handle tyre burst is to slowly release the accelerator as rapid release will transfer most of weight from rear to front tyres. It may lead to flipping of vehicle or loss of total control.

  • Whether you are driving a new car or used car, keep a regular check over your tires pressure. Increase the frequency of checkups in hot season as maximum tyre bursts take place this time of the year.

  • As soon as you hear your tyre burst, just take control over your steering as it is the key to gaining control over your vehicle and keeping it stable. Check for the most suitable direction for halting near you and slowly steer your car towards it.

  • Last but not the least, never forget, whichever tyre bursts whether the front one or rear one, the above given guidelines remain same for all. The only difference between the two is that in case of front tyre you feel the force most intensely then in case of rear one.

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