How To Get Maximum Fuel Efficiency From Your Car?

June 10, 2015 15:32 IST by in Auto Guides.

As fuel prices continue to be a royal pain for all of us, it is high time to learn how to get maximum fuel efficiency from your car. There are a few simple tricks that may be applied to protect your pockets from getting burned. Picked from some of the best autoguides, following tips might help in keeping your fuel tank heavy and fuel expenses on a lighter end.

How to get maximum fuel efficiency from your car
How to get maximum fuel efficiency from your car
  • Inflated tires get counted among the prime ways of increasing fuel mileage of all kind of vehicles. As per stats, deflated tires or tires with less than required air pressure may reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by 3%. It is recommended by most autoguides to install small valve-extensions over your tires that can remove the need of removing tires caps every time they are checked for air pressure.

  • Always keep your engine tuned, not only will it increase your fuel efficiency but will reduce your chances of getting screwed in middle of nowhere at unexpected times. Also, keep your engine filter neat and clean. Dirty filters are known for reducing fuel efficiency of new as well as used cars. It is an important tip to note down for people who get over dirty and dust filled roads on a regular basis.

  • Your car filters have a specified age which is often specified by manufacturer in owner’s manual. Keep a check over these time periods and get your filters changed from time to time for a better fuel economy.

  • Whenever you travel over long distances, try to keep your loads on a lighter end as much as possible. Overloading is one of the primary reasons for loss of kinetic energy and lowering of fuel efficiency. If there are seats that you wouldn’t be using in your journey, just take them down. Just remember, addition of every 100 pounds reduces fuel efficiency by 1-2per cent.

  • Always go for narrowest tires for your vehicle that suit your driving requirements as well as style. Width of tires is indirectly proportional to fuel efficiency of a car. Narrow tires possess less traction, but before making a decision always see that the option you are choosing is compatible with your car and are approved by its manufacturer.

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