How To Extend Life Of Your Car?

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How to extend life of our car – it is one of the most common queries that we receive from our customers every day. While buying a new car is a costing decision, it is also expensive to pay huge repair bills for the car that is in its last years or a used car that cannot be used any more. We have compiled here a list of some necessary measures that may be taken by drivers as part of their vehicle maintenance regime.

How to extend life of your car
How to extend life of your car

Precautionary Care For Long Term Vehicle Maintenance – Regular maintenance is one of the most basic ways for extending life of your car. Several autoguides and service experts are of the view that cars with most miles are the ones that have their services scheduled on a regular basis. It is better to get hold of problems and issues that are might concern you in a while or are about to cause some serious damage. Always keep your car’s fluids in check and keep updating their levels in a frequent manner.

Significance of Careful Driving – For new cars the break-in period lasts somewhere near 1000 miles while for used cars it is comparatively lower. While your car breathes fresh on the road, try not to rev up its power mill above specified level. Keep your acceleration level on a lighter end so that the engine RPMs are under control. Also, keep a steady check over your speed. Avoid any kind of heavy luggage or load in initial days of new as well as newly purchased used car.

Know Your Car – One of the easiest ways of vehicle maintenance in long term is to know about every single feature of your car. Every single feature here refers to those aspects that are in your view and can be understood without including too many technicalities. It is not possible to be aware of every minute detail, but try to keep an alert eye over major changes.

Protection Of Interiors – It is mandatory to maintain the sanctity of your car’s interiors given the fact it is the place where maximum riding time is spent. The cleaner and organized it is, longer will be your association with your car. Keep the upholstery washed and stain free, use window shades, vacuum the floors regularly, and most importantly keep an alert eye on weather as it happens to be the biggest culprit in spoiling interiors of a car. 

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