How To Deal With Car Windshield Scratches?

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A windshield scratch repair requires patience, time and little efforts. Light and smaller surface scratches can be buffed out easily, while the major scratches need be blended to make them less prominent. There are various autoguide on cars that help you repair minor windshield scratches.

How to deal with car windshield scratches
How to deal with car windshield scratches

Tools and materials required

  • Glass polishing kit

  • Rubbing compound containing cerium oxide

  • Glass cleaner

  • Dry soft cloth

How to deal with car windshield scratches

Determine the type of scratch

By rubbing your finger or fingernail over the scratch you can determine the type of it. If the scratched surface feels smooth to touch, then you can repair it easily. A deep scratch feels rough on fingers, and might require replacement of the windshield. Such scratches will grow with time, and cause an inevitable break, if not repaired.

Obtain a glass repair kit

Get a glass repair or polishing kit from an auto parts store or auto repair shop. This kit consists of a rubbing compound that is used for removing the scratch and repairing the windshield.

Clean the windshield and apply rubbing compound

Clean the windshield with water and soap. Rinse all of the glass cleaner and dry the window before applying the rubbing compound over the scratch. Spray the compound and rub it gently with a soft cloth.  Don’t apply too much pressure, be easy. A car guide will help apply the compound properly.

Make sure that the rubbing compound contains cerium oxide. Read its chemical composition that is usually mentioned on the kit. It seals the scratch and prevents its deepening and windshield damage.

Let compound dry

Allow the compound to dry in as per the car guide instructions. It takes 30 minutes to dry completely. Clean the window with the soft cloth. For ensuring a complete repair of the scratch, apply the compound often.

Additional tips

  • Apply ‘aquapel’ on the windshield. It protects the shield from future damage from mud, snow and water.

  • If scratch is deep, and is caused from roadway debris. Then, it is advisable to replace the windshield.

  • Autoguide on cars will provide you simple and right instructions to follow the scratch removing process. Follow them.

  • To determine the type of scratch run your finger over the surface. If you feel scratches, then they are deep. If not, the scratches are light and can be removed with the polishing kit.

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