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        How Far Can You Drive With Empty Fuel

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Running out of fuel on a road trip or middle of nowhere is one of the most dreadful feelings for drivers. What if your car’s low-fuel warning light starts illuminating and you don’t spot a gas station nearby. You might panic and try cruising to catch a gas stop. But, do you know that you can drive the vehicle without any panic even if the fuel warning light pops up. Automakers, however, discourage dragging the car with a low fuel light.

        How far can you drive with empty fuel
        How far can you drive with empty fuel

        If a car run on empty, its fuel is more likely to be suspended with dirt and other contaminates that might block the fuel filter, too. When reserve fuel level goes extremely low, the fuel pump might overheat and affect vehicle’s brakes and power steering. Car driving with empty fuel is dangerous, too. But, a couple of extra kms doesn’t harm the driver and the vehicle. You can make an estimation of the miles that can be covered even when the fuel light comes on. However, the standard for reserve fuel capacity varies with manufacturer and the car’s model.

        There are various websites and auto guides on cars from where drivers can get a better idea of their on-empty range. These websites have searchable and user-submitted database that helps you know how far you can go with no or empty fuel tank. A rough estimation can be made with a simple calculation. First, you need to check your car’s technical specifications that are mentioned in the owner’s manual. The reserve fuel level specifications are listed near the gas tank capacity or size. The standard fuel tank reserve, usually, is about 10-15% of the overall tank’s size. You can estimate how far you can go by using that information and your vehicle’s average mileage.

        In most vehicles, the gas warning light illuminates when the fuel level goes below the reserve level. According to an analysis, most car models can run with empty fuel between 30 miles to 50 miles after their fuel light comes on. Experts suggest not running your vehicle on fumes often as it can wear or damage the fuel pump. Most new vehicles come with an electric fuel pump, fitted inside the fuel tank, which keeps the gasoline cool. To prevent premature wear, it is suggested to fill at least a quarter of fuel in the tank.